One might gravitate towards the studio, while the other can’t resist the temptation of the booth

The practice of bonsai has existed in Asian culture for thousands of years, and its significance runs much deeper than merely pruning a tree. The true art behind growing a bonsai lies in self-exploration and the creation of a miniature version of one's own universe. Such is also the case with dance music for Ryan Hubert and Tim Glusko, the duo behind the DJ project Bonsai. Hailing from opposite ends of the United States, Bonsai's story has its roots in the taboo techno basements of the northeast and the clandestine desert raves of the west coast, with a common passion for music that explores the evolution of darkness.

After connecting in San Diego over their affinity for techno and dark progressive music, their evolution from fans and clubgoers to founders and creators was only natural, and thus Bonsai was conceived. Like its namesake, Bonsai has slowly begun to expand its reach through working with Fortitude Collective, an LA-based independent record label, and playing live sets at notable venues such as Flash in D.C. and Spin in San Diego. 

The duo's musical influences and inspirations echo clearly in their music; a Bonsai Sonic Session is akin to a self-exploratory pilgrimage as they coax the listener from the rolling waves of progressive house and into the vast, mysterious and formidable world of dark techno. It is a journey that devoted dance music fans must take once or multiple times in their lives, and the Bonsai duo is here to be your guide.